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synthesis 70 big size

Synthesis 7.0 Big Size Heute Deals Produktbeschreibung :

Synthesis 7.0 Big Size Heute Deals hat fabelhaften Eigenschaften Frederik Schroyens Produktbeschreibung Almost 200,000 true and repeatedly checked additions throughout all chapters from more than 300 sources including all reliable classical authors by priority. No useless repetition of identical rubrics." "Thousands of corrections to Kent's Repertory with the source of each correction clearly indicated. Insufficiently clear symptoms have been completed on the basis of the Materia Medica." Being the only book that contains George Vithoulkas' official repertory additions, this is a volume that every modern homeopath should consider. Tens of thousands of symptoms have been rewritten following a clearly readable "symptom format". Clinical rubrics have been renamed according to modern disease names. New clinical rubrics have been introduced. Distinctions between rubrics, subrubrics and remedies are neatly portrayed by the careful use of type styles, indentation and punctuation marks. Every single addition is referenced not just to its author, but where possible, to the actual book it came from. Thousands of cross references and synonyms make it easy to find the right rubric. Finally available as a book, this is the repertory that forms the core of the homeopathic software program Radar. Now you don't have to use a computer to own this wealth of knowledge. Frederik Schroyens

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Synthesis 7.0 Big Size Heute Deals

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